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Justice Scholars



Justice Scholars provides a college-oriented educational experience for students at Westinghouse Academy. The objective of the program is to support the development of scholars focused on justice through the following four aims.

  • Educate students about the concept of educational opportunity as a social justice priority
  • Enhance students’ writing skills through a cross-content literacy focus
  • Enrich students’ educational prospects by providing a framework for academic achievement and skills for college success
  • Equip students with tools to become change agents in their school, community, and the broader world through project-based action research


What does participation in the Justice Scholar Program look like?

Students in grades 9-12 can be involved in Justice Scholars. All student will have the opportunity to participate in college preparation workshops and be engaged in community service. Additionally,

  • Students in grades 9-10 will have a college mentor and the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to be successful in school.
  • Students in grades 11-12 have the opportunity to take college courses, visit the university and engage in various college-level learning opportunities.

College courses for the Justice Scholars program are provided through the University of Pittsburgh’s College in High School office. Courses for 2018-2019 school year are:

  • 11th grade – U.S. History (HIST 0601)
  • 12th grade – Introduction to Social Justice (SOCWK 1000) AND Argument (COMM 0500)


Social justice is a unifying thread throughout the program model, as youth are encouraged to think in ways that prepare them to be advocates for marginalized voices. One significant inequity that students will understand and address is the opportunity gap when it comes to educational achievement in low-income communities of color. Our theory of change includes teaching students about this inequity and giving them the tools to challenge it through cultivating an environment of educational achievement.

For more information on Justice Scholars, contact Esohe Osai.